A tiefling fence.


She has very long, braided, white hair and amythest eyes.
She has smooth, pale skin with a red complexion.
She has smooth, straight horns that extend straight up.
She stands 5’5” tall and has an athletic build.
She has a sharp, slightly average face.


Song is a loud, boisterous tiefling. She has a long career as a fence with the Right Folk, and has learned to find whoever she needs to strike the best deal. But she’s grown tired of peddling trinkets taken from pockets, and yearns for the riches and reputation of acquiring and dealing in magical and rare items.

Song gets her virtue name from her goals for her and her band. She wants to go down in history, and leave behind songs to be sung throughout the ages.

Song met the party at The Dragon’s Tail. Nahael introduced her as an old friend, and the person who would direct the party in their ventures. Song then demanded they test themselves, and steal the golden tail from behind the bar. Though the test was rigged, the party passed with flying colors.


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